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Implement in Hours not Months
Rapid design and production of complex and visually enthralling reports in moments with Control Center, a dynamic report composition tool...More>>
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Enterprise Drill Directory
Factbroker’s unique Multiple Drill Feature coupled with its Enterprise Drill Directory offers a powerful and intuitive way tohave a corporate-wide connectivity ..More>>
Live Reports
FACTbroker has created a new paradigm in defining Multiple judi online Drill Downs to target information. FACTbroker offers a plethora of options in report generation...More>>
Just add DBA knowledge
FACTbroker’s sports authority coupons exquisite use of SQL makes it effortless for database professionals to configure the system and attains Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) ..More>>
As secure as you want it to be
To face day-to-day security vulnerabilities and threats, FACTbroker provides a tailored strategy with authorization implementation across its hierarchical constituents...More >>
Just in time Information Delivery
An indispensable tool for Online presentation and communication that provides fast and instant tarot online access to live and upto date information through its schedulable....More>>
Information Vending
FACTbroker's zero footprint clients presents a solid solution sinus infection to bring self-service reporting to the whole enterprise. ......More>>
Bridge your “Total Solutions”
Seamlessly integrate diverse technology domains to bring your "total Solutions" together in a single information package...More>>
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Implement in Hours not in Months | Live Reports | As secure as you want it to be | Information Vending | Bridge your “Total Solutions”
Enterprise Drill Directory | Just add DBA knowledge | Just in time Information Delivery
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